A downloadable game for Android

This game is intended for use with a Google cardboard device.

The player needs to guide the dinosaurs with a laser pointer, which they will follow like a cat. The goal is to get them all into the laserbeam of the spaceship, where they will be beamed up (and get teleported to another planet).

The player is not supposed to put a predator in with a herbivore. This will deduct points from the players score. Due to lack of time, there is no feedback to the player about this, nor is there a button to teleport currently held dinosaurs...

Made in Unity as a 2 day project at SPLASH jam 2016.


Josh Naylor - Programmer (and our Unity expert)

Kristine Jorskogen - Programmer

Dragica Kahlina - Music and sound

Karoline O. Aske - 3D models

Install instructions

Download apk file to your android device, install and use with Google cardboard!


dino5.apk 90 MB

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